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Another Health and Safety loss in the playground......I loved this, especially when you made it swing in an oval, and it would collide with the other side !

I would have all this old fashioned "dangerous" playground equipment in the inner-courtyard of my dream house

We carried this to school every day to refill our fountain pens - we were not allowed to use ballpoint pens.

OMG I remember carefully opening the cap of this to refill my fountain pens everyday back in elementary school - we were not allowed to use pencils/ballpoint pens.

huge metal slide - burned a layer of skin off every time!

Huge metal slide - burned a layer of skin off every time! Used waxed paper to REALLY slide fast!

Eerste computerspel pong, speelde je op de tv!

Pong Made in Germany 1977 - ok didn't know this was a German thing. I remember my parents and me playing this in the pre-computer games era.

Monkey Bars- where you really learned to hold on. If you fell, you hit ten steel bars before you landed on the concrete below.

In the playground and school yard. monkey bars: Where you really learned to hold on. We called this the Jungle Gym.the monkey bars were the straight ones in a row where you had to traverse from one side to the other with your hands.

AGE TEST:  Repin if you remember the BIG SLIDES!  Health & Safety would never allow them these days.

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Vintage playground rocking horse by stavioni, via Flickr

Vintage playground rocking horse This was so much fun, always wanted the front or the back, they went the highest. The good old days before the ~Health & Safety brigade took all the fun out of childhood.

Lining up in school playground '60s. Still have to line up to go into school ;-)

School age children were expected to behave very well, or punishment would be given. This picture of children lining up for school in the perfectly demonstrates how strict schools were at this time.

Remember when

Kohner Pluto Push Puppet - Mum & Mick bought me one of these in Lincoln .