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Lesbian Says She Will Hurt Christians Who Disagree with Same-Sex Marriag...

Say you open a business, like a bakery, and a gay couple insist you bake a cake for their same-sex marriage. As a devout Christian who stands by the First Am.

Dumb Gay-Basher Gets Dumb Ass Handed To Him By Gay-Married West Point Ninjas... Read more at http://wonkette.com/592558/dumb-gay-basher-gets-dumb-ass-handed-to-him-by-gay-married-west-point-ninjas#QKFdxhf6hIZHFopq.99

Man Faces Hate Crime Charges After Allegedly Attacking Gay West Point Couple

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An openly gay Texas judge says she refuses to conduct marriage ceremonies for straight couples.

Lesbian Judge In Texas Refuses To Marry Straight Couples. No Jail Time, No Media Outrage [VIDEO] - American News - Breaking News, Political News and Updates

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Alabama Tweaks White Supremacist Law To Potentially Restore Voting Rights To Thousands

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Why aren’t there more Kim Davises? A federal judge ordered Kim Davis — the defiant Kentucky county clerk who has cited her Christian faith in refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples — to jail Thursday afternoon for refusing to carry out the duties of her position. Sept 3, 2015 ... JAILED? That is INSANE! (the prophets of old wrote that in the last days there wold be Christian Persecution, and there is, it's as if we have no rights anymore. Christians have rights too!!!!!!)

Why aren’t there more Kim Davises?

Kim Davis, the clerk for Rowan County, Ky, was taken to the Supreme Court of the United States when she refused to issue marriage licenses for same sex