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Group energy with focused intent. Join us on 6/9/13 at 3:00 in mindful meditation, using whatever form of meditation you choose, sending love and light into the grid of the planet, healing the water, air, earth and all living things. We are making a difference, we are magnets for miracles. Love and Light

Few people realize the profound part that angelic forces play in human events.

While there's no miracle move to diminish back bulge — it's a matter of doing calorie-burning cardio to decrease your overall percentage of body fat — it's still important to strengthen and tone the muscles in that area of the body

Back fat, the bane of being pregnant and giving birth. Back-Bulge-Fighting Yoga Poses

Smokey Quartz

A description of smoky quartz, and its physical and metaphysical properties.

Follow That Dream /

Dream Picture on VisualizeUs - Bookmark pictures and videos that inspire you. Social bookmarking of pictures and videos. Find your pictures and videos.

The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM)

The Big Book of Off-The-Grid Secrets: How to Protect Yourself and Your Family in the Coming Hard Times - Volume 2

The Planetary Crystalline Grid and Rainbow Aura of the New Earth - Federation of Light

We will send our love and light to support, strengthen, reinforce and empower our Planetary Crystalline Grids & Rainbow Aura of the New Dimensional Earth. group meditation -- We Are A Magnet For Miracles ❤