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Life's no fun if you can't laugh at yourself, so here goes. I learned at home from grades 9 through I don't want you to choke on your coffee, but I actually

u betta tell it , Kermit !

u betta tell it , Kermit !

Yo... I don't get how people can be so stupid. Bitch if you don't like me, then leave me be...

:) Some people just like info to talk shit.

but that's none of my business - Google Search

kermit the frog memes

YOU DIDN'T STRETCH AND NOW YOU'RE HURT? but that's none of the coach's business - Kermit The Frog Drinking Tea

Funniest Memes Reacting to Hillary's Email Saga: The Most Investigated Candidate in History

crazy stalker ex wife

Kermit the Frog memes

Kermit - but that's none of my business

I noticed your house has not a single soap dispenser by ANY sink.

Liam Payne on Louis Tomlinson Baby Rumors Being Fake: It Gets To Me

YES!!!! #StayUpOutOfIt  #Secretive

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Kermit memes

Kermie and his tea philosophy

Haha...fkn hypocrites!

kermit the frog tells it like is

Niet alleen de maandag. Heel de week is kut. #Kermit

Niet alleen de maandag. Heel de week is kut. #Kermit

That’s how I be like fr

46 Pictures That Comes With A Heavy Dose Of Laughter

Thanksgiving Clap Back | Comikz, Comedy, ART | Pinterest ...

Thanksgiving Clap Back



fin ta buss a cap b

Watch out for the bloods boi F