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Liam Payne

Serena and her high school band (Shadow Hills) were part of the One Direction "Steal My Girl" music video.

HAPPY 21 BIRTHDAY LIAM!!!!!! There are no words of what influence you boys had on me I am starting to be less insecure and starting to talk more and really don't care what other people say you boys saved my life you boys help me get through hard times you especially you Liam taught me to Berber give up on what I believe in to follow my drams no mater how many types someone says no so thank you :) -Desiree .E.

his birthday is past but I love this edit so happy belated birthday liammmm

<b>Baby you light up my world like nobody else.</b>

23 Reasons Liam Payne Is Actually The Best Member Of One Direction

23 Reasons Why Liam Payne is Actually the Best Member of One Direction! He's a sweetheart." More like 23 reasons to love Liam Payne more.or even better: 23 reasons why I would date Liam Payne if a) He were available & b) He knew I existed.

I'm pretty sure he's secretly part of the royal family or the beckham family

I'm pretty sure he's secretly part of the royal family, aka the Beckham's