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I can't even.

'i dont want to talk about it' 'im with you on that one ^' 'oh god' 'arms holy jesus' 'fucking hell'

Playing in Niall's Birthday Cake... And here I thought they were gonna eat it!

Playing in Niall's Birthday Cake. And here I thought they were gonna eat it!

Harry Styles Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne dancing at vocal rehearsals.. DAYYYUUMM. Louis hair is so cute. And Harry got so into the clicking thing.

Lookup Liam Harry and Louis dancing at vocal rehersals :) You have to watch the whole video, it's hilarious. Our new workout video!

or anything else even slightly related to them at all... <3

so true. my teacher was like which direction does the wind blow and I was like ONE DIRECTION

Some girls wanted a picture and had told Niall to get lost, but Liam, being the sweetest guy, grabbed onto his jacket and forced him into the photo.

This makes me laugh honestly Niall is just so perfect