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SPN season 9 - I haven't seen season nine (I just started season one) but "still a douchebag" is hilarious.

Freaking yes

Yeah edward you meat sack!

Social Suicide #Supernatural #SupernaturalCast #Twilight

i hate twilight

lol -i feel like they did say middle names before...i must research this lol

these guys are too funny!

JENSEN ACKLES SOURCE  (@jacklesnet) | Twitter

JENSEN ACKLES SOURCE (@jacklesnet) | Twitter

Truth has been spoken

Truth has been spoken

Just one of the MANY reasons I love this show - awesome writing! #supernatural

Oh Dean how I love you so, and your wierd quirky media references :) supernatural my one true love

House Rules.  I still need to get my license plate on my car that says this.  #supernatural

I have a bumper sticker of this on my car now :)


What if Dean has always been the villain and the entire series was just a back story?


I can't stop laughing-- Supernatural meets Tangled

Gag reel! LOL, apparently, Jared is a very gassy individual!!!

Giant 5 year olds.

Happy Birthday Jared!! You are such a sweet and wonderful person. You are just adorable. I hope you have a grand day :)

Anti SPN Bullying on

Grumpy cat appreciation post-i mean Sam Winchester appreciation post.

Jensen giving up his things for Jared. True brothers.

Jensen giving up his things for Jared.

Crowley, King of Hell ~ Supernatural Fan Art

Crowley, King of Hell ~ Supernatural Fan Art --- two days - I am PROUD of my fandom :)

My husband adores that show, so I'm laughing even harder at this one ;D

other fans you may have ghost hunters well look out baby we have the winchesters so BITCH PLEASE


Supernatural fanart--- It's things like this that make me totally believe they could be brothers.