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Pinned this a few days ago. Boy was I right, theres been Eleanor/Lottie drama, Perrie drama an announcement tomorrow and Harry/Paige.

i'm having so much trouble keeping up with everything because of school >_>

#goodluckharry #dunkirk #harrysnewmovie I want to see this so bad!!!! Any info for me about it?

Omg that's is the most beautiful thing in life omfg

maybe this is a little true....or alot true.....okay this is totally true

maybe this is a little true.or alot true.okay this is totally true

It's really hard to decide but I really love She's Not Afraid, Stole My Heart, Save You Tonight & Back For You What about you guys?

Things Strong Happily Midnight Memories Half a Heart comment yours?

That's a little much, some people might end up getting themselves pregnant by the end of their week here.... Just saying, it's ok if the concerts are free, but personal space....

It's true, this is a "free" country. Laws should be outlawed and we can do whatever we want with One Direction.

My kinda guy. For real.

My kinda guy. For real. I love golf and the pounders at McDonalds don't suck haha

heyyyyy i have no school today, so I'm gonna be pinnin most all day!! so if you have school turn your phone to mute and vibration off, bc i don't want you to get in trouble, my little followers!! -Amanda**xx

heyyyyy i have no school today, so I'm gonna be pinnin most all day!

but when they waved goodbye to each other, it seemed nonchalant, like they were just saying 'see ya later'.

I watched the video and now, because of that part, i cant listen to history without crying.

So I made a new game on the sims where there's one direction and me in one house. the goal is to make one or more of them fall in love with me and propose. the one rule is that I can only control myself, I cant control the other characters (the other boys) so its all up to fate and to who I choose to spend my time with. :) this should be interesting.

Do you.do you really think you're ready to ask me that.

I've. Noticed. That. I would be like "heck no you are going to smile, fool!" and tickle him.  Jk I'd be to busy hyperventilating that I met him. -I

I hope if I ever get the honor to take a picture with Niall, I hope he smiles a real smile. I think I'll bring him Oreos and tell him a joke so funny he won't be able to stop laughing.