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caffeine: cause fuck what my body says… I got shit to do!

Hehe. I think my heart would explode!

Just For Fun

Funny pictures about Red Bull + Coffee. Oh, and cool pics about Red Bull + Coffee. Also, Red Bull + Coffee.

Stupid question followed by an excellent answer!

Today's was based off the Gilmore Girls quote, "Do you like coffee? - Only with my oxygen." My photo is the coffee, hers the clouds.

Amen to that! #ecards #funny #coffee

A good night’s rest can make you feel energized… Oh sorry, that’s coffee.


that's why you got to go to Wendy's eagle-bro, fresh never frozen Alaskan cod WTF bro? that's why you got to go Wendy's eagle-bro fresh never frozen Alaskan cod

Hello my name is Athena and I'm addicted to White Chocolate Mocha...it's just so good once it hits your lips.

1000 ml Coffee 50 ml/hr IV Cont. 250 ml Bolus as needed. Every nurse would love this from time to time. Sure wished for this when working as staff nurse on floor especially the night shift.