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Lectio Divina as a GROUP EXERCISE         PRELIMINARY OBSERVATIONS: These exercises are an introduction to - BUT SHOULD NOT BE A SUBSTITUTE FOR  - regular private lectio divina.   These exercises may supplement BUT MUST NEVER REPLACE the regular use of good biblical commentaries based on solid exegesis. IN the churches of the Third World where books are rare, a form of corporate lectio divina is becoming common in which a text from the Scriptures is pondered by Christians praying together in…

The Ancient Art of Lectio Divina - article (private lectio only)

Are you truly saved?"Bear with me if I say things which at first sight look harsh and severe. Believe me—he is your best friend, who tells you the most truth."

Tina Houser shares how you can illustrate the concept of peer pressure using simple craft materials.

Christian Thinkers A Crash Course on C. Lewis Not really 'middle earth' stuff but the story of the creator.

Pray with the Three Moments of the Day: 1) Morning Offering, 2) Examen, and 3)…

Pray with the Three Moments of the Day: Morning Offering, Examen, and Living the Eucharist (via Pin by Jeanene Brewer on My Catholic Faith

Printable Prayer Cards

Printable Prayer Cards - FREE Download

Free printable prayer cards to record prayer requests, answers to prayer, and Scriptures for all areas of your prayer life.

Worship Response Station Ideas

This could be a good idea for youth lesson on blessings. Or make a knot for every problem/diffuculty you may be facing and then go back and untie the knots while listening for Gods answers in meditation. Letting the problems go to God.