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Funniest Donald Trump Inauguration Memes: History of USA Presidents

Funniest Donald Trump Inauguration Memes

All of the above

me myself i would love to see in 2020 mrs. michelle obama become the first lady black president of the usa that would be perfect hilary is going for it and she's not even qualified

Donald Trump was born into wealth. Description from oldephartte.blogspot.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Donald Trump Speaks To GOP Women’s Groups

Look at the round mouth! Donald Trump (Family name, grandfather was Friedrich Drumpf) The ugliest New Yorker alive.


Fuck Trump 2016 *not for real though, don't know what kinda disease that rat has.

Donal Trump Meme

Enjoy these fabulous Donald Trump memes as you weigh your voting options. You don't want to miss these seriously funny memes.

Debbie Brown (@JerashkimBrown) | Twitter

A narcissistic psychopath will never own anything bad or wrong, never apologize. The superior ego must be right, exalted, and defended at all times. This means telling themselves whatever they want to be true is true.