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ISTJ - The Inspector.and list maker. Last one on the list is so accurate.

When you interrupt an Introvert mid-thought, they don't get to complete that thought, which undermines their self-esteem (or at the very least pisses them off).

Myers Briggs Personality Factor, 16 different Personality types, Bush and Myers Briggs

Name your wifi network FBI Surveillance Van & freak out the neighbors

Have fun with your neighbors or drive-by internet users by changing your wireless network to "FBI Surveillance Van". Of course, those would be the dumbest FBI agents in the world, but it may still make your neighbors stop and think.

This one is for the almost 30 yr old that still likes to act like she's in 5th grade! Haha

that was insensitive ~ my bad.i asked you to stop being stupid without considering how incredibly difficult that must be for you (another one cut off.

Myers-Briggs mbti

Myers-Briggs Inventory Isabel Myers and her mother, Katharine Briggs—both psychologists— developed the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory more than fifty years ago.


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