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seriously tho. I feel like this with some of the girls in my class.
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Life is good because of... - Miss Jojangles
DOES IT LOOK LIKE I CARE?!?!?! When I push that button, my life will have fulfilled its purpose!!!!
The older you get, the more you realize you have no desire for drama, conflict and any kind of intensity.
Making the Wedding Seating Chart. color code the names (her friends/family, his friends/family, their friends, co-workers) so you know you're placing the right people near each other.
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A friend is someone who knows all your faults, but likes you anyway.  [thank God for true friends]
It's not sympathy that we need but understanding, education and awareness. When a doctor says you're a nightmare patient what are you supposed to, cause that's what a doctor said to me. People think because we don't look ill all is well but they have no idea of the suffering that goes in inside and the struggle to live a "normal life"
Everyone, please, please, please reblog this or share this or save this. Just show them we care, and that we are very sorry we couldn't get to them in time.
Religion everywhere is problematic. A friend of mine lives in Amish country and says it is also common for the Amish to beat their animals. I guess girls are just an extension of the livestock to some of them.
Your Heart Heals Note to self: Don't date or anything else until you get over her. It's been well over a year since you've done any of that shit; you didn't like it, it made you feel worse, it's not you or your thing, and won't help get over her. Concentrate on continuing to rebuild your life, enjoy your time with the kids, family, and circle of friends. Someone will walk into your life like she did and it's all way better with someone you love!
4.I refuse to stay silent any longer you will not take me down that easily. This is not a competition it's not a game. Stop treating people like shit! You always find another woman to listen to your tale of woes... I truly feel sorry for them. They honestly don't know who they are dealing with. After 2 years I know I can say I do! Good luck trying to destroy me and my reputation. My character and reputation speak louder than your lies and manipulation!