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sadly i dont have any fangirl friends, only ones who judge me for being a fangirl of one direction, but as long as i have the boys and my directioner family im happy!

Insult Me, Not My Fandom

Most people can’t describe fandoms, fangirling/fanboying, OTP, Cannons, Feels and other fandom terms. Fandom: a group of dedicated indiv…

This is the best thing ever because it is true>>> I can't even

fangirls ways to diee. so many fangirl ways to die. go drown in your own tears, have way to many feels.

Shell ya I'm gonna press the button! Leo Raph Mikey Donnie where are u?! I'll b clingy 2

OMG I get to meet ATL, SWS, PTV, FOB and MCR and they become super clingy of me and play for me all the time and love me and never want to leave me *frantically slams button with face*

Bands lol

The same way some one tells me to stop talking about one direction thanks Mackenzie

The camp thing for music idols NEEDS to be a thing like seriously

The camp thing for music idols NEEDS to be a thing like seriously <<< And for other fandoms too! Plz don't forget us

Puffer fish are the Bruce Banner of the sea

Puffer fish are the Bruce Banner of the sea<<going to the marvel board for that XD

Edna Mode

Funny pictures about Showing things to friends. Oh, and cool pics about Showing things to friends. Also, Showing things to friends.


Fangirling XD even tho it's only a once in a life time thing for me.

If you're gonna insult me, do it correctly.

if you're gonna threaten me, do it properly.>>If you want it to hurt, you have to be accurate>>>>> either way it's still gonna hurt

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Percy Jackson: I loved that movie! Who's Nico/Leo? They literally fell in love!>>> Okey I'm not even in the Percy Jackson fandom and that hurt