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paint small rocks with glow in the dark paint and put in flower garden or around potted plants would also be nice

paint rocks with glow in the dark paint fun craft ideas. I like the painting idea just not glow in the dark


All natural weed-be-gone

Just add a piece of fruit - then you've got a homemade flytrap. Feed a couple per month to your Venus flytrap. Otherwise, you've got a cheap, easy way to combat fruit and house flies!

How to Care for Venus Fly Traps

Amazing for Camping--just hang it from a tree. DIY: ORGANIC FLY TRAP Supplies: A two-liter soda bottle (used) Sharp knife A wire hanger Match, lighter, or stove gas flame Electric tape Bait (like a small piece of meat or dog poo mixed with water!

Anyone who's been on our lot knows that we do this!  It keeps us from making extra trips for things we use everyday! gardening on a budget #garden #budget

50 Brilliant, Easy & Cheap Storage Ideas (lots of tips and tricks)

Dresser repurposed

Great idea to turn a dresser into a planter box or container garden! Just cut a hole in the top to plant your veggies or flowers in the top drawers, and then open the middle and bottom drawers so that they’re staggered for more planting space.

How To Use Pee In Your Garden...wow! i love this! AND if you have male urine, you can use it to drive away moles!!

We are going to try this next summer! on the If you can get over the ewwww factor, pee-cycling your own urine into the garden makes good sense. Fresh urine is high in nitrogen, moderate in phosphorus and low in potassium and can act as an exc.

Organic Gardening 101: How to Prevent Powdery Mildew | REALfarmacy.com | Healthy News and Information

I've been experimenting with many ratios of these ingredients and have discovered an AMAZING recipe that can save plants with mildew that has thoroughly set in.

Shade Garden Plants

Weekend Pinspiration: Shade Garden

I'm always looking for shady plants. 20 plants to brighten your shade garden. Annuals, perennials and herbs for shady places.