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Rabbit ears! For the TV. Sometimes we put crumpled tin foil on the top of each "ear" for even better reception!

Rabbit ears tv antenna - so you could get all 3 channels clearly. We all had these on top of our tvs. To make them better, you added tin foil.

So many people had one of these in their kitchen.

I'm pretty sure I made one of these at the local ceramic shop for my mom for Mother's Day. We'd clean, paint, & fire our lovely ceramic creations. Frogs were a pretty cool collectable.

Mammaw had these on her table.

Tupperware Salt & Pepper Shakers with Stand - Both my parents and grandparents had this set; my parents ended up taking the shakers off the stand and sticking them in their camper to use.

clothes pegs stored in old jar

Laundry Room Ideas Old Pickle Jar.filled with vintage wooden clothes pins.

More wall words for laundry room

Laundry Room Decal Laundry Room Decor Laundry Room Wall Decal Wall Decor Laundry Room Sign Sorting Out Life Wall Sticker Vinyl Lettering

...enduring the annual 'Class Picture'  in Primary School. ;-)

Girls always wore dresses to school no matter what the weather was because that was the rule. No pants were allowed until the early In Catholic School, we could only wear pants on cold day under our dresses.