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All the time my friends are so crazy just like Carlos

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lol (gif)hat nape ends yesterday but funny thing is he's not my crush . He's one of my bffs . And abunch of random friends come up to us at my locker and are all like oooooooooooo



So Relatable - Relatable Posts, Quotes and GIFs. Lol I see the guy who likes my friend try to talk to her and I& next to her like.

So true lol

Finding out a guy likes you is like when Anne Hathaway found out she way the princess of Genovia: Me? A Princess?… Shut Up! # Real life: (Guy's Name) He Likes Me? Shut Up!

Everyone does this when giving advice: | 27 Pictures That Are True For Absolutely No Reason

27 Pictures That Are True For Absolutely No Reason


gif LOL funny funny gif relatable lol so true lol thats me lolsotrue lolthatsme

I'm 14 and guess how I dress

I am 14 but I don't dress like that but it annoys me when I see people my age dress like it

Mami adu pompieri please

Pozele unei ciudate - Dap dap dap

May- so do you still like Ja- Birdie- SHUSHHHH HE IS RIGHT THERE!! May- hahahaha!!!

Funny and Relatable! those moments you WISH you could forget! (oh high school where art thou)---not in high school yet, but yeah.