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Here are two ideas on how you can make unique water features using recycled items. What do you think – trash or treasure?

Moss Graffiti

Moss Graffiti

DIY Moss Graffiti, couldn't work out if this should be in gardening or crafty, looks fun either way.

Riding lawn mower...love the John Deere colors!

Amazing Bike Lawn Mowers, article by Warren McLaren on Treehugger. Too funny. I believe that when I saw one of these in some old friends yard ( you know who you are), it was called, A Redneck Lawnmower.

Creative Ways To Edge Your Garden!

Anything that cuts down weeding time(from the grass creeping in to garden beds) is great by me.Creative Ways To Edge Your Garden! Say goodbye to weedwackers for edging forever,

Haha it's just like my cousins in Missouri they used the cows watering container as their pool lol too funny!

How To Build A Hay Bale Swimming Pool.Isn't this the most redneck thing you have ever seen in your life?

10 Amazing Mason Jar Crafts! ⋆ Nifymag.com

DIY: Recycled Glass Chandelier- & spare glass jars (mason jars, baby food, jam) & gridded cooling rack & and thin gauge wire & chain and locking links & large S hook & small S hooks & cutters & or small pebbles & tea lights

diseños de fuentes de agua para jardin

watering can fountain: even if you don't have a pump, it would be a fun activity for kids on a hot day. Use any watering can or even containers with holes punched (i. milk cartons, tin cans, pop bottles, etc.

Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Old Washing Machine 0 - https://www.facebook.com/different.solutions.page

turn an old washing machine drum into a fire pit.because everyone just has old washing machine drums just lying around the house