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A Tale of Two Turkeys: the Bird and a Eurasian Country

Watch this short video, which explains how a well-known, North American bird got its name from a Eurasian country.

Video: Could a Parrot Be a Credible Murder Trial Witness?

Michigan is trying to decide if an African grey parrot should be allowed to be a witness in a murder trial. Watch these two videos.

Videos: Watch Tigers Being Released into the Wild

Watch the thrilling moment when a Siberian tiger—filmed in super slow motion—is released back into the wild!

Bird Video: The "Caw" of a Crow and the "Kraa" of a Raven

It's hard to tell crows and ravens apart by sight, but their voices are much more distinctive. Watch this video to compare and identify their calls.

A Soothing, Wild Turkey Video on This Thanksgiving

Watch this soothing, three-minute, wild turkey video as you bake pumpkin pies and peel potatoes on this Thanksgiving

Videos: White Deer, the Ghosts of the Forest

Watch these videos from northern Wisconsin, in which some rare, albino white-tailed deer wander in their Great Northwoods home.

Video: The Lost California Grizzlies

Watch this video from Yosemite National Park about grizzly bears and their place in California history, in regional culture and in our national spirit.

Video: Potoo Bird in Full Camo

Watch this video where exotic jungle biologist Dr. Jonny Miller visits a potoo bird in the wild to show off how skilled it is at concealment and mimicry.

Calling Out by Eric Rock | Today the bald eagle population remains most abundant in Alaska and Canada. While they primarily eat fish, they are known to consume small mammals as well.  Much of the time, bald eagles will scavenge or steal another animal's kill in order to eat.

California Is the First State to Ban Lead Ammunition

Baby elephant = CUTE times infinity!

Big Ears (Baby Elephant) ~ Wall Poster - Baby Animals Art Prints and Posters - Animal Pictures

Video: "Hearing Beyond" in Natural Landscapes

Watch this short video, in which bioacoustician Dr. Bernie Krause describes natural soundscapes and why we should pay attention to them.