Two Sherlocks backstage at the Producers Guild Awards...

Two Sherlocks backstage at the Producers Guild Awards.

They are so confused

Sherlock's like "Meh." And John's like "Wait- Sherlock, what are you doing?"<<< I can see this happening if Sherlock was curious about this "Johnlock"

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ends in angry threeway kurtisgonnabitchslapsebastian: draw Captain Jack Harkness (Torchwood) hitting on John and Sherlock getting jealous?

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kadeart: “ Sherlock BBC in Victorian Style (Sherlock Holmes 2009 costume ^ ^) ”

Pocket John. ADORABLE!

(gif) I have no idea why this exists but I don't care. I kinda love it.

(Not mine- From DevianArt) Kid! Young John with older Sherlock and Younger Sherlock with older John^-^ (11 june 2016):

gorryb: “Some kind of Post-Apocalyptic/Winglock AU? welp…I’m into that kind of stuff these days *u* ”

(gifset) Infiltrating the Mind Palace by anotherwellkeptsecret

This little tiny gifset is just freaking adorable. How to Infiltrate the Mind Palace Johnlock Smut

A bad animation, I hope you like it ^^ Sherlock(c) BBC ------>[link] John hits Sherlock/ poka-poka style