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Did you know halo around moon or sun means storm is coming? This info is cool to know and remember, if your like me, and like storms. In knowing this, you'll know when one's coming

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Why you shouldn’t waste your money on Fiji water  -  WTF fun facts

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Tomatoes and potatoes plant named Ketchup & Fries plant; -  WTF fun facts

There is a plant that can simultaneously produce both tomatoes and potatoes called the ketchup n' fries plant - WTF fun facts

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I didn't know that - I would have expected it to be the potato - but apparently it is the PEA!

Very interesting - 9GAG  《《I've got the extra TENDON!》》

Very interesting

Apparently this muscle actually helps you hold a spear (something we as a majority haven’t needed to do much). So you're either a product of evolution or a spear holder. >>> I'm a spear holder then😂