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Study documents tree species' decline due to climate warming #DailyMail

Study documents tree species’ decline due to climate warming

Recycled + #straw paper even better! More info: http://canopyplanet.org/what-we-do/straw-paper/

Recycle and save the trees. I thought when we went computer we would use less paper.

Global warming is reshaping the world's forests | DW Environment | DW.COM | 04.05.2017

Global warming is reshaping the world's forests

05-06-2016Drought.jpg (1024×683)

Drought associated with the El Niño phenomenon has severely affected Arsi, Ethiopia. Photo credit: OCHA/Charlotte Cans

The river was a shade of greenish blue (left) before the contaminants turned it and orangish yellow

River is turned yellow by one million gallons of toxic waste

EPA spills 1 mln gallons mine waste, turns river in Colorado orange — RT USA

Birth of an island

When This Boat Crew Realized What They Were Seeing, It Was Almost Too Late To Escape.

The stunned crew couldn’t believe what they were seeing: It was the actual birth of a new island. It was one of the rarest events imaginable.