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her words still hung in the air between us like a wisp of tobacco smoke - a thought to fade and vanish like smoke without a trace.

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1920s make-up looks

20 Thoroughly Modern Ways to Get Great Gatsby Glam: Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan dripping in Tiffany & Co. jewels is the perfect jumping-off point for any Gatsby-inspired ensemble.

Love this quirky photo of Zelda Fitzgerald

Love this quirky photo of Zelda Fitzgerald. Scott, she suffered from mental illness and caused ups & downs for F. Scott but she was also his muse, so you gotta cut her some slack.

This is an image of "flappers" doing the Charleston in 1924. This was a popular dance during this point in time. Pop culture- the Charleston became a common dance among young men and women in the 1920s. People were having a good time going to clubs and drinking alcohol, shopping and living the “high life”. Also, the 1920s was known as the “jazz age” gramophones often played jazz music that was what people did the Charleston dance to.

The Charleston dance became extremely popular in the especially with Flappers. The flappers had a beautiful style that was easier portrayed in posters, as their long dresses created movement to represent the Charleston.

I live in Scotland and we still say "dolled-up" and occasionally "bees knees"

You can't repeat the past.

I already use bees knees, cats pajamas, and dolled up. I like giggle water a lot though.

If i could go back to an era it would have to be the 1920's. Beautiful dresses…

If i could go back to an era it would have to be the Beautiful dresses, jazz music and chivalry.

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Buying Guide in Black White and Gold

Hats and headbands were very important fashion accessories in the Roaring 1920s and they spanned the gamut from broad brimmed flapper hats with huge feathers and brooches to close-fitting cloche hats.

Unforgettable Icons: Why Princess Diana Lives On

Mata Hari : 1931 American Pre-Code Film loosely based on life of Mata Hari, the Exotic Dancer/Courtesan Executed for Espionage during World War I. Film stars Greta Garbo in the title role