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Kids now don't know what it's like to have a real childhood.. Smh :/ haha

Oh My gosh.I feel older now.younger kids now a days will never know what a GREAT child hood really is.


That Robot Dog I loved so much! The chain of markers was THE BEST, Word art was bea-utiful, and I had those glow in the dark stars all over my room for real. Rainbow pens for life!

I love this show don't care how childish it is

Yup i shipped this before i knew what shipping was Fairly Odd Parents^^^This is one of the few canon shippings that I will go down with if they just so happen to sink but you know they never will

When you were a kid

I'v done most of these, not the pringles the soda mixing and never in my life have Ihad a gameboy COLOR! The one I had was gray with a black and white screen and it was the FAMILIES everyone shared it!this is y im single.

fairly oddparents i can see ifunny | AAHAHA! I can just see the fairly odd parents princaple and Azula ...

I can just see the fairly odd parents princaple and Azula talking to each other! Forgetting that she does Daphne Blake from scooby doo y'all?


Wait, this can’t be true…

I know Fairly Odd Parents is Nickelodeon and Wreck it Ralph is Disney, but it's still cool.

I saw this and... most girls can't do all that they act like in comes natural and even though I'm flexible I had to work for it so... don't act like a lot can do all that cause it is FALSE

true story Funny Pictures Of The Day – 81 Pics Snelson Snelson Snelson Snelson Morgan

Thanks, Golden Freddy. ((This is the reason I love FNaF XD))

Everyone can be safe now I have immunity cat, gecko, unicorn and golden Freddy. Those pins can't hurt me, But I also lve Justin Bieber so.


Momma's got some explaining to do. Victorious is almost as sneaky as Pixar about the dirty jokes.