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Balm of Gilead. All you need to know abut on how to make the Balm. Collecting bud and so.

Harvesting Balm of Gilead for pain and inflammation. Aly: saved as a reminder of instructions on use and warnings. Made this myself with cottonwood, olive oil and sunlight in

Different teas for different ailments!

Healthy healing herbal teas and their benefits

Herbal Tea is medicine in a cup! Check out the Herbal Tea Remedies Chart and all the easy and beneficial diy recipes while you're here.

Here are the 12 most used plants by the Cherokee that can treat almost every illness of health condition:

Here are the 12 most used plants by the Cherokee that can treat almost every illness of health condition:

Gardening can be really hard on your hands. Give them some love by making this Gardener's Salve infused with herbs and packed with beneficial ingredients!

Healing and Nourishing DIY Gardener's Salve

Gardening can be incredibly rewarding work, but it can also be really hard on your hands! Between cuts and scrapes, and dryness due to repeated hand-washings, gardeners’ hands are often in need of a b

Cayenne Pepper Provides Many Health Benefits.

17 Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is more than just a tasty spice. Learn about its many health benefits.

How To Make Calendula Salve

Calendula salve Ingredients: 21 fresh heads of young calendula flowers of olive oil, preferably organic, extra-virgin not necessary of beeswax chips

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We love pot marigold (Calendula officinalis) for its bright flowers, tolerance of cool temperatures and ease of care.

aloe vera

6 Medicinal Benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe isn't just for your skin! "Healing Powers of Aloe Vera & How to Use it at Home Godbold Godbold @ The Paleo Mama "


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Some natural cures for Herpes.

Natural Cure for Herpes

*Propolis, Tea Tree Oil, and Lemon Balm are antivirals to keep virus at bay. Aloe vera gel, Chinese Rhubarb and domeboro powder help with healing!