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Vagy nem ő az

Goldfish in bathtub with cat's shadow above. Goldfish hope it's batman, ha!

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10+ Pics That’ll Freak You Out WHEN YOU SEE IT

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43 photos that prove your life is a lie! It was actually a different icon who invented the Carlton Dance.


It does not matter how many resources you have if you don't know how to use them they will never be enough.

In secondary 1 for an informatic class, we build an old computer. When we finished we all played the pinball game xD good time

Old Times

I used to do the paint one but never space pinball. I'm only in grade but we used paint all the time during library time is elementary school

Not necessarily on how to talk to Giraffes but just randoms videos like that.


Even that lame ass attempt at a rebuttal was half stuff I just said. Timestamps say a whole lot. Either we share a brain, or you copy literally everything I do.