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...Prefer Pepsi LOL

You know you're in for a rough day when your horse sits down on the job. I think the horse prefers Pepsi over coco cola

You never grow out of it! Hens Horses & Homesteading #henshorseshomesteading #horsefunnies #funnyhorses #horses #lovehorses

So funny and cute.and also so true! I guess I just never grew out of my obsessed with horses phase.

Punctured Lung, 3 Broken Ribs, Bruised Iliac Crest, and I am still in love!

I like the quote. Until it gets the whole 'athlete of the most intense sport - I am an equestrian' thing. I am no equestrian but hey! :D

SERIOUSLY! You're not a country girl just stop.

owning boots that have never seen horses or mud only country concerts does not make you a country girl

❦ I'm still laughing - via I Love Horses & Doug King

For fast riders we have fast horses. For slow riders we have slow horses. For those who have never ridden we have horses that have never been ridden. A little ranch humor ;