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How'd that cat get in there?

Brown tabby kitten with white paws standing up and playing with his reflection in the chrome of a car bumper

Why do I expect this cat to break into a Peter Sellers "Inspector Clouseau" routine at any minute? "Pardon me but do you have rrrrroom?"

Pinning for the description as much as the picture- Inspector Clouseau eez spying on you from zee garden pot.

I love playing catch in the snow.

Catch the Snow photo by Vinni Bruhn

"I'm looking through rose-colored bubbles."


This little kitty likes bubbles. With the weather warming up, you should take your kids to the park to blow bubbles. Try to see who can blow the biggest!

fairylene: Give me five!

white cat perched above the streets & looking for fun

Speaking of Paris, this seems to be a picture of Lagertha as a kitten. He said "Yes, but the weird thing is, We were living in Berlin at the time.

No me calienta nada, ,,,

Kerosene stoves are somewhat common in Japan when the weather gets colder, and…

.Ok   Know Owns Looking, K goo!. Man I'm not going down there, You Goo, No,No Lets Get Mikey  He Like's Too Doo Every Thing.>:

How to create chaos: fill a bathtub full of curious kittens, turn water on.this is funny because Duchess has become quite fond of hanging out in the bathroom and adventuring in the tub

"In the beginning, God created man, but seeing him so feeble, He gave him the cat"           ~ Warren Eckstein

Country cat playing Peek-A-Boo

I love that face of pure bliss.

Oh so happy: kitty Kat