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"I love Pinterest. It's electronic hoarding without the clutter." -Me

"I love Pinterest. It's electronic hoarding without the clutter." -Me

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Wait people actually log out ;) why is there a button for that? I actually didn't know you could log out.

funny ecards for women | Funny Confession Ecard: Someday, well all find out Pinterest is a ...

Pinterest - I KNEW IT.....

Someday we'll find out is a conspiracy created by men who are tricking women into cooking, cleaning & working out!

Let me love you!!

"I show affection for my pets by holding them against me and whispering 'I love you' repeatedly as they struggle to escape from my arms.


27 Mothers Day Gifts for Your WINO Mom, Friends, & Sisters

This made me laugh. I do laundry daily. :) maybe I should be drinking more wine :)


"Sorry I've been a bad friend lately. I've been busy being an awesome hermit." Always feel like this after I've found an awesome series to read!

I don't always lose my phone... but when I do, it's always on silent.

Story of my life! And since my phone spends like of the time on silent, I lose it pretty often!