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Anna's Notebook: writing inspiration

NOVA'S ROOM - A normal post apocalyptic house.Shira's had she not been taken by the Government.

ce3410d5e335049ea753822a0d5dc9ab.jpg (Obraz JPEG, 564 × 2394 pikseli)

ce3410d5e335049ea753822a0d5dc9ab.jpg (Obraz JPEG, 564 × 2394 pikseli)

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time on Behance

time by yao yao.idea for art piece using multiple panoramic landscapes on one panel unexpected journey

#illustration #flatdesign #spring

I was asked to design a landscape scene for a background of a login screen. The landscape has 16 varieties, 4 times of day for 4 seasons.The idea is to use geotags to pinpoint the location of the user, and the corresponding landscape will load in.

yonder--The quick, s...@makegame采集到game(14图)_花瓣游戏

yonder--The quick, simple, fun way to health happiness. I love the illustrations!