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"Few things I think is so beautiful as the light of fire outside in the dark. They lit up in the most vivid way." Letting go | Jonna Jinton

They lit up in the most vivid way." Letting go


Tamed nature Heather Edwards The Old Malthouse, Wiltshire, England The secret garden "A mown path leads through a sea of cow parsley (Anthriscus sylvestris) to a willow (Salix) arch on a still, early, summer morning.

by Jonna Jinton

Varför jag valt ett liv i Grundtjärn

Keldur, Iceland. A window in a grassy meadow-hill. How much more awesome could a thing be??? The answer is none. None more awesome.

When I was little my dream was to live in a house that was hidden in a hill with grass growing on the roof.

Яблоки. Осенний урожай.

apples orchard landscape photography Fine Art Photograph canvas gallery wrap office decor home decor I like this picture because of how the the trees in the background are blurry. It makes the tree in the front stand out more.

Photo Jonna Jinton

Photo Jonna Jinton

Meditation Yoga Mala Bracelet: Tridacna • Skulls

FEARLESS: Tridacna | Skulls | Yoga Chakra Bracelet

Den nya tiden | Jonna Jinton | Bloglovin’

Den nya tiden (Jonna Jinton)

Den nya tiden | Jonna Jinton | Bloglovin’