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Fairy Bridge, Reelig Glen, Scotland | Travel Spot Photos

Fairy Bridge, Reelig Glen, Scotland: The story goes that the bridge and grotto in Reelig Glen, near Inverness were built by the fairies living in the wood, which is why locals call it Fairy Glen rather than Reelig

113If this isn’t an entrance to a fairy world then I don’t know what is…  Fairy Glen, Isle of Skye, Scotland, April 2014

The Fairy Glen, Isle of Skye, Scotland ---or places very similar with puffin caves in the cove below. glorious places all.





On the path to King’s Cave, Isle of Arran, Scotland | Most Beautiful Pages

On the path to King's Cave, Isle of Arran, Scotland.On the path to King's Cave, Isle of Arran, Scotland.



Bally bunion ireland

Windswept ruins of Ballybunion Castle, built by the Geraldines in the Century. Ballybunion Castle is near the town of of Ballybunion, County Kerry, Ireland

6hr away: Smoo Cave, Scotland - one of the prettiest caves we've ever seen! DL. North of Inverness, coast

Smoo Cave, Durness in Sutherland, Highland, Scotland. Outer chamber of Smoo Cave. The main entrance is to the right; the covered walkway leads to the second (inner) cave that has a waterfall.

Through the green mountains on the winding road. Must visit this gorgeous valley in Iceland!

Winnat Pass, Derbyshire, England photo via robert Holiday Challenge--Beautiful places inspire me to create healthly delicious foods, so I can go down many roads.

Devils Pulpit, Finnich Glen, Scotland

The Devils Pulpit in Finninch Glen, Scotland I can't imagine why this dream place is named "the devils pulpit", how misplaced is that glory? This is God's country.

The Hermitage viewpoint during Autumn, Scotland

Ahmet krtl - Hermitage viewpoint during Autumn, Scotland