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: Mustang with rare AAA special leopard complex gene. I wonder if this is also called a reverse dapple pattern.


Gypsy Vanner Stallion that is a Golden buckskin blagdon Skewbald named "Sundance".

horse face photo

That face! My mustang had a bald face like this beauty except she was black bay instead of bay.

Reckless Dan, a Grey Brindle Quarter Horse.  Brindle is what is called a ‘chimeric’ gene. Chimeric genes occur when a mare is pregnant with two non-identical twins, but the two embryos become ‘fused’ into one. What you actually have is two coat colors from two different horses all mixed up. This means chimeric genes, including brindles, are almost totally random and it is almost impossible to breed for it. Geneticists are still trying to figure out the truth behind the brindle gene.

This is 'Reckless Dan,' an unusual grey brindle Quarter Horse. - photo by Sorrel, via whitehorseproductions; Brindle is an unusual pattern of dark, vertical lines on a lighter-colored coat.


-Mustang- Say NO to Congress and big ranchers! they want to kill horses and wild burros. read at Wild Horse Education.

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awwww-cute: My family’s newborn mini horse and cute little girl pose for photo shoot Children and Kids with Horses Learn about

Blue Roan Draft Horse - this might actually be my dream horse.  Amazingly heavy boned legs!

Blue Roan Draft Horse - this might actually be my dream horse. My God he's huge !

Equine Colors- The Silver Gene by ~Kholran on deviantART

Part The Silver gene and it's effects on black and bay. Silver does not affect red pigment, so a chestnut horse that carries silver does not exp. Equine Colors- The Silver Gene