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Still cant believe you sent this to me

Still cant believe you sent this to me

and as far as I know Maria Jose Cristerna (Mexico) aka Vampire Woman is a mother of four, a lawyer and a woman with the highest number of body modifications

I love and adore this woman! She's beautiful! "Mexican Vampire Woman" Maria Jose Cristerna took a stand against domestic violence, announcing that it was the impetus for her physical transformation

Why oh why would you want people to see your teeth? That's the mother in me talking. Maybe I would have thought it was cool many years ago...but I doubt it! ...(just remember to brush your teeth so you won't turn people off...ha.) ...Carol

I’m reasonably open-minded when it comes to piercings, but even I’ll admit my stomach turned slightly upon seeing this. This spectacular ‘lip window’ body modification is .

Wearing My Best Underwear Wishing I Was at Walmart - Wedgy and Thighs WTF! - Funny Pictures at Walmart

Good God my eyes are burning and my brain just hurled in my skull!

Freaky Star Trek Convention in town

Stay Classy People Of NYC ---- hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart humor…


Bahhaaa so funny.The Good News Is Now Your Pants Aren't Too Tight - Funny Pictures at Walmart

There are so many reasons this is funny. But none of them are okay.

Osama Bin Shoppin

Funny pictures about Gay terrorist. Oh, and cool pics about Gay terrorist. Also, Gay terrorist photos.

Weird and Funny Photos in Black and White « MORFES

Weird and Funny Photos in Black and White

Is this why it's called cup size? (failed trends) Woman with Cups and Saucers - Coffee, tea and her.My tea cups bring all the boys to the yard

This doesn't seem to be a threat to any ladies but more so an invitation for the guy taking this shot.

Man Fashion Fails ---- hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart fails meme humor Feel sick now.