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High speed photography is a technique in which a camera is set up to take pictures of objects in .


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High Speed Photography is getting very popular day by day. High speed photography produces awesome results because of a relatively faster shutter speed.

25 Fascinating High Speed Photography examples and Tips for beginners.

25 Stunning High Speed Photography examples and Tips for beginners

High Speed Photography: Have you ever wondered what a cloud of dust looks like or even how it moves in front of a camera.

Water Wigs by Tim Tadder. Water Wigs is a dynamic set of images using exploding shaped water balloons lit with a triad of colors, to create incredible splashes on the heads of bald men. The result is interesting and arresting "wigs" of water.

"Water Wigs": Behind the Scenes with Tim Tadder's Photos. Art and science collide in photographer Tim Tadder’s series “Water Wigs” and “Water Wigs Women”.

Sorry, kids, the coke's blown up.

Dutch photographer Lex Augusteijn is a recreational specializing in high-speed photography detaining the moment a bullet hits objects such as light bulbs, water-filled balloons and even drops of water.

This is a series titled 'Water Wigs' by photographer Tim Tadder and his cohorts. It features bald men with wigs made from water as a result of thrown water balloons popping on their heads. Neat, but I still want.