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Jesus He is showing the child a Blue Butterfly.a blue butterfly showed up on the day my dad was laid out at the funeral home. Since then, I have seen blue butterflies everywhere I go! Miss you dad.

ChristianCinema On Demand | David and Goliath (1960 version)

No Ordinary Shepherd: A Heartwarming Tale of Faith . and Miracles: As the sun beams brightly on the hills surrounding Palestine, one young shepherd boy, crippled in a terrible accident, thoughtfully considers the significance of the day.

Jesus with Kids

Jesus with Kids

Son of God Movie Trailer - Opens February 28, 2014 The story will encompass the birth of Christ to His Resurrection, with the adult Messiah played by Portuguese actor Diogo Morgado. The movie will take selections from the miniseries and add scenes that were left on the cutting-room floor.

Son of God trailer 2014 - Official movie trailer in HD - starring Roma Downey, Diogo Morgado, Louise Delamere - directed by Christopher Spencer - The l.

Influenced by their surrounding culture, the Zoramites seem to have adopted a…

Good Friday is the most somber day of the entire year. A silence pervades, socializing is kept to a minimum, things are done quietly; it is a day of mourning; it is a funeral. The Temple of the Body of Christ is destroyed. Because Jesus was on the Cross between the hours of Noon and 3:00 PM, these three hours today are considered the most sacred of all.

superabundance of love, Jesus, the Son of God, dies upon the cross, that man may live and be delivered from everlasting death!


Lost Sheep By Liz Lemon Swindle In the parable of the Lost Sheep the Lord…

The Way

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John There is a lad here, which hath five barley loaves, and two small fishes: but what are they among so many?

So true! I love my Savior!

So true! I love my Savior!