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18th Century Gentleman [ book inspiration: a set of 'gentleman's & ladies' books. Two books in the set one clearly masculine & one feminine, in a clamshell box. ]

The Onslaught of Post-Glutton Gloom

How to be an Century Gentleman. Thank god the men's wig never came back into fashion.

French and English Ladies Hats, 1780's  This is from a wonderful book on the history of Millinery book. The drawings were made by researching original paintings

Hairstyles from 1700 to 1790 featuring different styles of hats. The cavalier styled hats became somewhat of a fashionable staple

What the men would have wore then

The eighteenth century monied male was often a peacock, eager to display his taste and wealth, and fond of lavishly decorated or patterned fabrics, and bright striking colours. The usual outfit remained the three piece suit of coat, waistcoat and breeches

18th century shoes

What To Look For In A New Pair Of Shoes. Photo by Thrifty Look You are not alone in your love of shoes. Who doesn't love shoes? Even in a down economy, shoes are still flying off the shelves for t


DIY History of Hairstyles Infographic from Enerie Part Part 2 is here. Here are more Populular Style Infographics I’ve posted:

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Nineteenth Century Late Regency Romance Era Fashions Worn By Men The mode in beaver hats was most varied; high straight crowns with small br.