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Frank Iero

The fact that Frank Iero has "Bookworm" tattooed onto his hands just makes me so happy.

You see someone with tattoos on their knuckles and its like. oh their such a thug. But then cute little Frank tattoos Bookworm on his knuckles, and it just gives me a whole new perspective on knuckle tats.

this is frank iero and he reminds me of me (and I'm a girl). He is also my inspiration for playing the guitar and wanting to start a proper band (punk-rock and none of these like Nicky Minaj or some other shit like that) - Jessi

i'm ready to leave ✧ frank iero of frnkiero andthe cellabration and of my chemical romance

We need to find this girl

i was supposed to meet Frank Iero but then he got hit by a bUS

midgit+frank+iero | He's so cute it hurts

when your friend mentions the lumineers to you when you feel emo af

❤️Frank Iero<< ok so when I just liked panic! This came in my feed and I thought "wow that's cool" and now I know who he is and he is one of my idols I'm so amazed

My Chemical Romance ~ Frank Iero is just amazing not trying to be stupid or anything but isn't the difference between idol and idiot an I and a t?

Frank Iero and Billie Joe Armstrong - can you imagine what it would be like if the cellabration went on tour with Green Day? I mean, it would probably never happen, but still... wow.

Frank Iero and Billie Joe Armstrong (Aka: my freaking life)>> hOLY SHIt

Frank Iero. Very talented guy. And sweet. And crazy. And smart. And funny. And I should shut up.

Very talented guy. And smart. And I should shut up.<<Or everyone of us could go on for days explain why frank iero is the most amazing guy in the world.