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~ A Colorful Mind

~ A Colorful Mind

I keep telling myself you never loved me at all, because it is far less terryfying a prospect.

I think I keep telling myself you never loved me at all because it is far less terrifying a prospect than the possibility you did, you truly did, but all of a sudden, and for no particular reason, you stopped. ~ Beau Taplin (How I sleep at night)

Breaking Up And Moving On Quotes  :Twitter

Breaking Up And Moving On Quotes :Twitter


I love listening to lies when I know the truth. But people will turn around and say you're the liar.

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I guess you didn’t care about me enough. You told me you did and you would never leave or hate me. You liar


"I dont want a lukewarm love. I want it to burn my lips and engulf my soul." I Love You Jesus!