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Doctor Who.

3 new movie-style posters have arrived for Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS, The Crimson Horror, and Nightmare In Silver.

Poster for Hide  I really can't wait. I've been excited for this one for a while now.

Doctor Who Series Episode Posters Released - IGN Hide "With more than a smidgeon of influence from the poster for The Others, Hide looks set to be this season's 'scary one' which Moffat describes as "a really cracking ghost story".

Doctor Who s07e08 poster by gazzatrek.deviantart.com on @deviantART

poster for the series 7 episode 'The Rings of Akaten' based on the BBC publicity image by Tea-Lady Design [link] Doctor Who poster

I'm not sure I'd go that far. - Nightmare in Silver. Reminding me, once again, of River. Very similar conversation River had with someone in "The Time of the Angels."

Reminds me so much of River in Flesh and Stone // OCTAVIAN: Dr Song, I've lost good Clerics today. You trust this man? RIVER: I absolutely trust him. OCTAVIAN: He's not some kind of madman then? RIVER: I absolutely trust him.

I love how you can see him say, "oops" then he looks at Clara like, "Clara, I broke it. What do I do?"

The Times Photoshoot

That's adorable.... I'm a #doctorwho addict

Actually I did I watched the first one with nine and I didn't like it so I watched episode two then I was convinced it was the dumbest thing ever. My friend convinced me to watch a third episode and after that then I was hooked

The 12th Doctor Canvas Print

The 12th Doctor Canvas Print

15 of the Best Doctor Who Captions of All Time

14 of the Best Doctor Who Captions of All Time

oh captain jack harkness you're straight? So is Spaghetti until it gets hot

Matt Smith on Twilight!!! Totally agree with him!!!

Matt Smith on Twilight

Matt Smith on Twilight. I love twilight and Dracula, but this is too funny!

From the archives of the Timelords

Theres rivalry between the Harry Potter fans and the Twilight fans. And Twilight fans think theyre much cooler than the Harry Potter fans. And Im like, I dunno why, theyd all get their ass kicked by the Doctor Who fans. -Matt Smith i-give-up-doctor-who

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary (Giveaway) - 365ish Days of Pinterest

Doctor Who! Can't wait to meet We're really happy that you're joining our family Peter Capaldi!