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DIY: How To Store and Make Your Own Herbal Remedies// herbology, herbalism, healing plants, herbal medicine

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5 Alterations You Didn’t Know Your Tailor Could Do | You’ve probably made a few trips to a tailor in your life to take in (or let out) a dress or to shorten a pair of pants. (And if you’re petite, this errand is probably one with which you’re extremely familiar.) But these skilled artisans can do so much more than just hike up a hem.

5 Alterations You Didn’t Know Your Tailor Could Do

"Ellis likes sitting on my paintbrushes!", Polly Fern Sergeant

Imagine if one of Rapunzel's birds came in and sat down on one of Jake's paint brushes like that and Jake didn't really want to do anything about it so he kept trying to work around it so he didn't have to use the paint brush the bird was on.