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Melt Runoff

Melt Runoff

Stream in back of cabin downstream from the falls at Watersong Woods

A perfect Spring vacation spot at Watersong Woods

-Hortinha de Temperos e aromáticas  -Madeira de Pinus com pintura em esmalte branco  -10 Garrafas Pet's com pintura em esmalte branco  -10 Vasos pretos nº 11  -Produto funcional e inteligente    -Sistema de irrigação por capilaridade  Obs: Nesse sistema você coloca água uma só vez por semana no v...

Hortinha de Temperos Auto Irrigável

water the top ones the water comes down to the bottom ones and exits thru the bottlecap opening.


I I was going to live in a cabin in the mountains, it would be something like this: Snow Cabin, The Alps, Switzerland photo via melissa

Grey Squirrel - Winter Setting

I love shooting squirrels, (and I include chipmunks in that category). This grey one gave me a nice pose against a lovely winter backdrop - see