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A mission where samara and Bleui have to go find or escape from something so they find a lady of hair in their species to braid an escape rpute on their heads

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CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT , here's another Bull shit all men are created equal , what a bunch of shit . So I'm not Afro American but , I know about the crap they have thrown everyone the lies .

The Black Holocaust. Because Fundamentalist Christians are so moral and such good people. Bought to you by the misinterpretation of the bible.

It's easy enough to accept the 15 millions sold into slavery, but i question the 35 mil. killed by slave traders. Would that be black "slave traders" in Africa by Africans?


The word "Hebrew" means to cross over. I am an OBEDIENT women if Yahweh who has CROSSED OVER from all tradition & pagan ways. If it's not in the Scriptures, I'm NOT doing it! Obedience is better than sacrifice!

If you like this pin, Follow me @TJaySlay

If you like this pin, Follow me @TJaySlay

Yes, totally. And owning your sexuality is still great, as long as you're the one that truly owns it.

Lauryn was brought down by our govrt for taxes. People wake up! The enemy does not want Hebrews to know who they are. When the mother is deceived the children are destroyed