tattoo flower design by *tattoosuzette on deviantART

tattoo flower design by tattoosuzette designs interfaces tattoo design .similar to one I have in mind

celtic knot shamrock tattoo - Bing Images

Irish pendant that would look great as a tattoo. The ornate clover design would show off your heritage.


What I want my lion to look like, realistic with the realistic petals flowing over its face, but of course roses instead of the lilies.

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Design Flower Tattoos: flower tattoo design by DanielleHope on deviantart good tattoo for foot tattoo, lower back tattoo, upper back tattoo, arm tattoo or lower front tattoo

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Beautiful Art of Tattoos Design With Image Flower Rose Tattoo Design Picture 1 Beautiful Art of Tattoos Design With Image Flower Rose Tatto.

...the sun is eclipsed by the mooooon

The script on this is gorgeous. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pink Floyd! "All you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be.


While the images used in this tattoo have been seen countless times on various individuals and on the walls of various tattoo shops, the way this tattoo has been executed makes it a beautiful rendition of the skull, rose, and clock motif.