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Fashion Inspiration (Chain Mail Baubles - The Fannie Schiavoni Jewelry Collection Will Protect You in a Jousting Duel (GALLERY))

Chainmail Headpieces, Headbands and Headdresses

Chainmail headpiece, headdress and headband designs crafted to order within the week.

Chainmaille Renaissance Decorative Headpiece - Princess Style

Chainmaille Renaissance Decorative Headpiece - Princess Style

Etno Bracelet Scythian Creative design copper by ArtJewerly, $47.00

Items similar to Etno Bracelet "Scythian" Creative design copper bracelet Chainmaille Bracelet on Etsy

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In this instructable I will teach you how to make a shirt of real chainmail. It will take a lot of time and patience but is a very rewarding project when you finish. To do this project you will need: 1-2 years of time A very strong will 1200-2000 feet of wire (6000-10000 links) 2 pairs of small blunt nose pliers A drill (with a chuck) ½ inch or ¼ inch metal rod A dremel or other cutting device A vice or strong clamp Some 2 by 4s 4 screws For an interview with me about my chainma...

How to Make a Chainmail Shirt

How to Make a Chainmail Shirt ~Well, dang.

Colourful Chainmaille Bracelet Pink Red Silver Chevron Pattern European 4 in 1 - 7 5/8" Chain Maille Mail Bracelet by Spoon37 on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/92114430/colourful-chainmaille-bracelet-pink-red

Colourful Chainmaille Bracelet Pink Red Silver Chevron Pattern European 4 in 1 - 7 Chain Maille Mail Bracelet

This is how my beard grows...lol! Chainmaille!

-erin- This is how my beard grows.

Eleanor Headdress. $190.00, via Etsy.

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Beaded Flat Mesh Bracelet Wide AS (Beginner Plus)

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An elegant bow-tie necklace that I have trouble keeping in stock -- it sells so fast :-). for black tie events, of course ;

Silver Chainmaile belt bracelet. $30.00, via Etsy.

Silver Chainmaile belt bracelet on Etsy

Not *exactly* jewelry, but...a chainmaille coif and mantle by Athena's Armoury, bright aluminum in expanding European 4-1 weave. $150.

Chain Maille Coif Armor - Costume Grade Bright Aluminum

This is the perfect accessory for any Ren Faire or SCA enthusiast A coif is a basic piece of chain maille armour used to protect the head neck throat and

44101-necklace @ anillarte

44101-necklace @ anillarte

FLOWING SILVER BRACELET ~ Like delicate handmade lace, the sterling silver chain maille "diamond" gives this sophisticated bracelet a delicate, feminine look. It also features a handcrafted sterling silver clasp.  $177.00  WorldWise Jewelry  www.worldwisejewelry.com

Flowing Silver Bracelet - by WorldWise Jewelry bet Kate would like one of these.

Japanese Chainmail Pattern Bracelet

Japanese Chainmail Pattern Bracelet