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lets all take a moment of silence for those poor boys who try so hard but are still stuck in the "friend zone"

When boys are like a brother to me <- if a boy honestly acted like a true brother they wouldn't be holding your hand with their arm wrapped around you. My brother would never do something like that.

Most amazing feeling in the world.

I absolutely love when my hair is played with. It makes sleepy, so i would most likely fall asleep on whoever is playing with my hair.

I'll never want to lose you. I lost you once before, after over a year and a half. Somehow I lucked out and got you back,

B - the thought of losing you scares me. I never want to be without you. You are indeed my everything ~ N

Can you feel me missing you?

Can you feel me missing you? Because I miss you so much it hurts./I hope your having a good day. I sure am missing you, sometimes it kinda makes it hard to breathe. I love you.