Hermione Jean Granger by Fantaasiatoidab.deviantart.com on @deviantART

As promised, Hermione Granger yule ball edition I started drawing this at school, but finished it at home.

Hermione Granger by Yellowtwist

Hermione Granger by Yellowtwist on deviantART artist: yellowtwist, on deviantart.amazing work, i cant pin them all!

Bloody hell! by Fantaasiatoidab.deviantart.com on @deviantART

This is the bloody picture that I couldn't finish for a long time. I hate this picture. At the end I just gave up (you can see that if you look his chin). Used: F, Date : i don't even remember .

HERMIONE GRANGER,year six-@Topicworld

HERMIONE GRANGER,year six-@Topicworld


I had no bloody idea how to name this one, so I named it "Hermione". If anyone has an idea what to name it, let me know!

Dark, Sweet Hermione Granger

Slytherin Hermione - I like this. She would totally have gotten with Snape then.however I do rather like Slytherin hermione she's beautiful