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This kitten wants to know where he is going and is not afraid to look for himself. This is not approved cat transport for any cat. All cats should be transported in  lockable carriers, secured by the seatbelt system in your rear seat. In event of an accident they must be secured. A free cat could be violently thrown around in the vehicle and killed, or gravely injured. If they survive, they may get out and run away in terror!

Are we there yet? Normally, cats hate traveling in cars, but this little kitten seems to be excited for his road trip. Cute Kitten Pictures - Pic of the Day

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Love Cute Cats

My aunt had an orange dwarf cat like this. He loved to hide his face in my lap!

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Look at this face! Have you seen anything happier or cuter? Just the most precious picture and kitten.

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Cute ❤ To reference Chandler Bing on "Friends" - could this kitty be any cuter?

OMG, so cute! Totally Adorable Cute Little Ball of Fluff Baby Kitten - Aww!