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On this picture small cousy house, with a roof covered by snow. A lot of snow is laying around the house. Dark winter wood is after snow field and high blue snow mountains far away. Blue-red evening sky is coming to be.

How to Add Interest to A Painted Piece - Welcome to reFresh reStyle! (cute basket storage on top!)

How to Add Interest to A Painted Piece

Best DIY Projects: Dresser with baskets as top drawers. Great for organizing and adding interest to a piece. (or replacing broken or missing drawers!

Ice road carved going to the sun road?

Amazing Road somewhere in this beautiful world ♥ Location : Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, Toyama,or Minamiaidu~Hinoemata, Fukushima, Nippon(Japan).

Winter ski chalet in the Alps

Snow covered winter ski chalet/ reminds me of my grandparents cabin at the grapevine!

I love Winter !! Unfortunately it's very warm in QLD  I miss home at this time of year

Snow storm over the Eiger, Switzerland by James Boardman-Woodend on


Best Lighting with Snow Christmas Tree HD Wallpaper for Happy Christmas Day. Superb Christmas Tree Images for your desktop, iPhone or android mobile wallpaper.