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kertépítés kerttervezés 7

Wetlands have a poor public image. . . Yet they are among the earth's greatest natural assets. . . mankind's waterlogged wealth. - Edward Maltby

Talks and lecture on water gardening and pond plants

DIY-Container-Water-Garden, how-to-make-a water-garden, container-water-garden-tutorial

How to Set up Mini Water Gardens on Your Deck

DIY-Container-Water-Garden, how-to-make-a water-garden, container-water-garden-tutorial - Gardening And Patio

Beautiful idea for an otherwise under-utilised corner of the garden

Chelsea Flower Show The Royal Bank of Canada 'New Wild Garden' by Nigel Dunnett. interesting use of circles in the design

Beautiful outdoor water garden

Beautiful outdoor water garden -- Curated by: Blue Valley Aquatic Landscapes…

pond in an old tin bath

How can I make a mini pond in a pot

To make a container pond you can use any container that holds water to create a pond in a pot water feature as a mini pond for a small garden space

"Will def. going to get creative and give it a try!"     contained pond-I made this one time and used a bright red huge potting plant, ordered all kids of cool "plants" from California, then added a few fish which help in taming the plant roots and  any grime growing inside.

A whisky barrel pond in our backyard garden would be nice. if full of whiskey. not sure I want what this would attract.

Pop up Aquarium for Garden

21 Fascinating Low-Budget DIY Mini Ponds In a Pot

All glass aquarium fish tanks! : All glass aquarium fish All glass aquarium fish tanks! about aquarium,acrylic for aquarium,aquarium top designs

Bbq And Summer Party Lights | Summer Lighting Guide | Inspiration | Lights4fun.co.uk Imagine this under your parasol..a canopy of stars

Garden Lighting Ideas

Bbq And Summer Party Lights - 20 LED low voltage festoon party lights with over 5 metres of black cable. These warm white LED lights are manufactured using premium rubber cable and a water tight mould. Using high quality LEDs gives an impeccable colour